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Non-Cash Donations: Paper plates, napkins, hot cups, plastic spoons, forks, hand towels, bath towels, flashlights, pepper spray, hoodies, socks, shoes,  Rubbermaid-type plastic bins for residents to store clothes, etc

Deliver to MN Indian Women’s Resource Center at 2300 S 15th Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55404.


Non-perishable food items and water 

Deliver to Gichitwaa Kateri Catholic Church at 3045 Park Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55407


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Indigenous Food Tasting Hosted by Dream of Wild Health

🎉 This year Dream of Wild Health is excited to host the Indigenous Food Tasting as a part of Indigenous People’s Day! 🍓 🌽

Our featured chefs are Brian Yazzie of Yazzie The Chef, Gatherings Cafe, Howasta Means, Christina White of Native Food Perspectives, The Sioux Chef team, and the DWH Youth Leaders!

The Indigenous Food Tasting is on Monday, October 8th 4-6pm at the MAIC.

The Indigenous Food Tasting is hosted in partnership with the Indigenous Food Network and is sponsored by the Kresge Foundation. Please visit our event page for more information: Indigenous Food Tasting.

Hope to see you there!

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Tiwahe Foundation American Indian Family Empowerment Program Grants DUE

Tiwahe Foundation is currently accepting applications for the American Indian Family Empowerment Program (AIFEP).

Grants range from $500 to $2,500

The deadline to apply is May 6th 2017

 To be eligible to apply an applicant must be:

  • 18 years of age
  • A member of a Federally Recognized tribe or prove tribal lineage
  • A resident of the seven-county area; Anoka, Carver, Dakota, Hennepin, Scott, Ramsey & Washington counties only

Applicants who have been funded within the past 3 years will not be considered for funding.

Tiwahe AIFEP Funds in three areas:

  • Cultural Preservation (Learning Native languages, learning tradiational/cultural practices, developing kinship ties)
  • Educational Achievement (Expenses related to college degrees, certificates, vocational training, GED, etc.)
  • Economic Self-Sufficiency (Employment, business, entrepreneurial opportunities, home ownership, etc.)

********To submit your application electronically go to:

For more information about the AIFEP fund, please contact Deanna StandingCloud, Program & Community Network Director at or by phone at 612-722-0587

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May 1st 2017 "Mirror Shields", Indian Month Kick off March

Hello, my name is Rory Erler Wakemup, director of All My Relations Arts (AMRA). I am looking for 300 volunteers to march these “mirror shields” on May 1st, Gather at Cedar Field at 9am, march for a mile to the MAIC and eat a free lunch.


Wakeump, who is the director of All My Relations Gallery, which is run by the Native American Community Development Institute (NACDI) in Minneapolis, is longtime friends with Hanska. Recently, Hanska was a featured artist in All My Relations’ “On Fertile Ground” exhibition. During that show, AMRA and Forecast Public Art hosted a workshop making mirror shields.

you can see the full article here




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